We’ll begin with a free minicontest, soliciting entries in the Award Category: “Energy of Flow: How do we best manifest the flow of positive energy in our lives?” The winner will receive $2,000 through PayPal and a one-week writer’s adventure at our founder’s Estancia Ranquilco in Northern Patagonia in the Argentine Andes (valued at $5,000). The second category is our Open Category—anything goes (see the 2013/14 Writing Contest Overview page for details).[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]typewriter2[/custom_frame_right]

Register at WARP Place and receive a free download of Ashley’s book Flow: Commonsense Cosmology for the Not-Yet-Enlightened Everyperson and a Life-Lover’s Guide to Creation Enjoyment. To enter the writing contest, read Flow and/or draw on other inspirational works, then respond with a serious and/or hilarious critique, review, rebuttal, or reasoned argument for antiflow or even Auntie Flo. And of course the Warp Open Category has no limits.

If you don’t fancy yourself a writer, don’t worry. It’s free to enter our writing contest and you’ll likely be published in one of our compilations. Entries can be just a few thousand words, which makes it ever so easy to pen your thoughts and hopefully get published. So sit down and write something convincing, something you’d like to read. If our readers find it persuasive, insightful, joyful or blazing hot, if they can’t put it down or can’t stop laughing, you’re on the right track. Good luck.