eBook Instructions

The industry-standard ePub format is supported by all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), as well as the Nook, Sony Reader, and Adobe Digital Editions.

The Mobi format is supported by Amazon’s Kindle.

The PDF can be read in Adobe Acrobat (or Preview on the Mac), and in many other devices and programs.

Instructions for installing your ebook into several common readers follow. For advice on installing your ebook on other readers, please seek support from your reader’s maker.

  • iPhone, iPad/iPod: Drag the standard ePub file into iTunes and sync your device to iTunes.
  • Nook: Add the standard ePub file to the My Documents folder of your Nook.
  • Sony Reader: Connect your Sony Reader to your computer. Drag the standard ePub file to the Reader icon in the left column of the Reader Library software.
  • Adobe Digital Editions: In the Library menu, click Add Item to Library and select the standard ePub file.
  • Adobe Reader: Download the free Adobe Reader from Adobe and use it to open or save PDF files to your PC. Click the book link in your email and a dialog box will ask if you want to open the PDF file or save it to your computer first, then open it.
  • Kindle: Connect your Kindle to your computer and drag the Mobi file to the documents folder on your Kindle. Download “Send to Kindle for the Mac” or “Send to Kindle for PC” and drag the PDF to the icon on your desktop to send the files directly.
  • Kindle apps: Amazon offers downloadable Kindle apps for PCs/MACs and Mobile Devices. Download the appropriate app and you can use it to open the mobi.file. (See http://tinyurl.com/yzcqkcr.)