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Welcome to Writers and Readers Place (WARP) . Its creators bring a love for the wild creative spirit, a belief that everyone has a story worth sharing, and a desire to explore new realms of community, both as an artist collective and as eco-warriors with a sustained reverence for our one and only planet. We want WARP Place to be a hub of creativity, resources, and rewards for amateurs and pros alike, with any number of spokes and spokesmen.   read more


Welcome to the Warp Place ebook sharing store. At this time we are offering mostly Ashley’s books in support of his Earth Rescue global governance model, see www.jaguarambassadorsgang.org . We have future plans to include many other appropriately interesting and compelling works along with some writing contests, so please stay tuned.

By Ashley Kent Carrithers


Graphic Novel

Flow offers readers a way to change their lives by applying energies that recognize that perfection reigns in all life events, that we are responsible for what we attract into our lives, and that—with positivity at the helm and negativity forbidden—the flow brings us just what we need for our personal evolution. Once you embrace, understand, and practice Flow, Life becomes greatly enjoyable with stress, worry, confusion left in the wake of a new, proud, and secure vessel. The “F” word—fun, comes into serious play.

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Jaguar Girl

In 1997 Ashley imagined his beautiful daughter into a work of (mostly) fiction called Jaguar Girl—the sweet story of a vivacious Nature gal, living on vast lands in the Argentine Patagonia. When she learns that a multinational corporation is setting up to exploit her beloved wild-lands, she travels to San Francisco to seduce the owner and turn his head from destruction toward preservation. It is a love story with Mother Earth—a fun and enlightening read for all ages.


Headwaters, with a foreword by Edward Abbey, tracks the evolutionary musings of four “hippie” brothers in the mid-70s who journey into the wilderness near their northern California ranch or “commune” for adventures in various weathers and geographies, while dealing with personal identities that look a little different coming out.

\Sex & Money on the Spirit Trail

Sex & Money on the Spirit Trail was penned by Ashley and his old-soul son on a backpacking trip. It provides another perspective on these two powerful subjects that sometimes seem to dangle us all like so many puppets.

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Dreaming, by Ashley Carrithers

Dreaming, by Ashley Carrithers

Dreaming lovers dream together, eyes on I's lips kissing smiles breasts upon hearts and middle places aflame She unglues passion bonds leaves a linger of scent on my bed and in my mind drives away to distant climes as elastic love stretches and . . . holds sighs of...

Rain Bliss, by Ashley Carrithers

Rain Bliss, by Ashley Carrithers

Here, at the winter lands, today I get to wake at last dark to an ongoing patter of little laughs at our prolonged drought as RAIN continues to kiss the Earth. The sound on this shake roof was there the night long, and each time I sort of woke it brought a smile to me...

Loving (for Jules), by Ashley Carrithers

Loving (for Jules), by Ashley Carrithers

golden girl outshining yon sun traipsing sandwards, trailing cutest pooch and songs sweet with being, beach-bound. she is dream-laden landed on Earth's shore a warm walking statue blue, blue eyes aswirl above smile's radiance words wilt here, think otherworldly think...