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Reflections From Those Previewing Attaining FLOW

Attaining FLOW makes such impressive sense that one has to believe the clarity and wisdom offered is an energy for life enhancement whose time has come. Ashley Carrithers presents for the reader an opportunity to open beyond what one has been trained to accept. He brings together the wisdom lived through his commitment to honor that all life is perfect. With this commitment, he nudges the reader toward a mirror to take a “look/see” and enjoy the creation. Carrithers’ capacity to offer both enjoyable rhetoric and transparency challenges the reader to embrace the Mystery. His extraordinary wit entertains while the reader considers what it means to embrace the Mystery. New Age, Old Age, This Age, Attaining FLOW, transcends time in the limitlessness of the cosmos.

—Dr. June May Ruse
Clinical Psychologist, Loomis, CA

Attaining FLOW is a virtual soul soup of alchemy! An invaluable spiritual practice book, a reflective mirror which connects us to our own soul calling, the adventures & miracles that life has to offer. Attaining FLOW exudes not only the raw, wild wisdom of the Argentinean plains, but also a rare mix of loving attention, humor & practical wisdom that will entertain & inspire … a highly reflective poetic epiphany!

—P.V. Pramod, Advisory & Steering Committee Board Member, India
Project Peace on Earth Global Concerts, U.S

Attaining FLOW is for anyone who wants to enjoy life, break free from a conditioned life; anyone who really wants to have “fun”—a loaded word in this book. “Fun” means to be in the Flow, which means a strong feeling of alignment with life energies. More than a self-help book, more than a philosophical tome, Attaining FLOW combines understandings of the entire universe and builds a solid basis for going forward. Carrithers shares his understanding of the mystery and magic of space, both inner and outer, in the hopes that by assessing the seemingly miraculous fact of our existence, the reader can open to thoughts that are beyond the merely physical—this is where the energy of Flow operates. A unique and fascinating read …

—George Keenen
Author, “The Preposterous Week”

In Attaining FLOW, Ashley Kent Carrithers takes you along on an intense whirlwind of a journey deep into his wild mind sharing his cosmology of being. A refreshing, thoughtful perspective told with passionate prose, interspersed with entertaining and amusing personal stories based on his experiences of love, life, character and contemplation, this book espouses the philosophy of letting go, and going with the Flow.

—Gin Getz
Author, “The Color of the Wild”

The author’s writing style in Attaining FLOW is very earthy, as if he’s sitting in a room talking with you. He shares his philosophy about life and invites the reader to think about choices that can make one a more responsible and conscious human being on our planet earth—choices that are simple and at the same time can have far-reaching consequences and benefits personally and interpersonally. We, “everyperson,” are in a strong flux of the ongoing evolutionary impulse that calls us to be more conscious, more kind, and to remember that we are all connected in the One Web of Life. The invitation this book presents is for each one to do his/her unique part in this sacred endeavor. I treasured this look into one man’s life, and how he is meeting the call for the Change that is so needed in our day and age and inviting us to similarly awake and celebrate the gift of life.

—Julianne Press, MSW
(Spiritual midwifery for individuals, couples & groups) Leander, Texas