Anthony Walsh

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]anthony-Walsh2[/custom_frame_left] A new artist at WARP Place, Anthony Walsh is a senior majoring in Photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Technically still a student, he has worked for seven years with digital media (Photography, Graphic Design, Video Production, Web Development), specializing in portraiture and various kinds of assignments for business. Located in central New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, Walsh is open to working in any client’s location. To see more of his work, visit his website.

In this small portfolio, “Unsung Heroes,” Anthony Walsh sought out craftspeople we don’t ordinarily pause to look at unless we need their services, even though part of our social fabric depends on such folks weaving their threads as well as they do. Walsh has “discovered” them unintentionally hiding in plain sight and obviously put them at ease. They look pleased to be met with respect on their own terms and turf, happy to mirror the artist’s appreciation, and we are reminded that such craftspeople are really artists in their own right, taking great pride in their conveyances, tools, preparation, presentation, and in a job well done. The work here is not just well framed, anchored, balanced and lit. With his wide lens and deep focus, Walsh brings us more deeply into these small worlds, where his subjects reveal something of their own creations from the choices that have led them here, in this moment.

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