Johnny Carson’s secret to success was to be flatter than the Great Nebraskan Plains. It’s much easier to succeed being a foil than being an entity. The silence between sounds is always more meaningful than the sounds themselves, the space between words more meaningful than the words themselves. Reading a story is better than seeing a story, because the reader’s mind creates it’s own unique picture. It’s interesting, that stuff is basically composed of empty space, tons of room between spinning electrons. All that is, is extremely puffed-up stuff. Lots’a breathing room around and about.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs keeps working again and again (he theorized that having your basic needs met allowed one to experience higher-level events). There’s not much in this world better than a comfortable bed. I added an inch and a half high-quality conforming foam on top my regular mattress, and what I’ve got is heaven. No matter how I rest, on my back, side, or stomach, it’s all extremely comfortable. (I keep contrasting my present nocturnal softness with the night I slept on a freezing concrete sidewalk in front of a Laundromat while hitch-hiking through the Oklahoma panhandle.) Horizontal physical bliss between the sheets allows me to loosen up my lower back by bending it as far as possible to the left, right, and, most important, curved. And it allows self-observation of my roving energies, nudging them this way and that, throughout my body. The secret to lower back strength is to lift things the wrong way AOAP (as often as possible), this side of the breaking point. A strengthened lower back allows one to roll around in bed, twisting whichever way, feeling no pain.

Each of us is forever waiting for the NBT (Next Big Thing). This ain’t bad, if it keeps us on the edge of our seat. Maintaining desire is life-sustaining. Life normally ends when we want it to end. As we put one foot in front of the other, it’s helps, if we can, to kick a piece of trash out of the way, or somehow make minimal improvement. The longest journey is nothing more than a collection of steps, and we don’t always know where we’re headed.