Each of us must admit that either we are killing the earth, and have no intention of stopping, or that we care, and are environmentalists, and want to help save the earth; there is no middle ground.

Nicole Kidman’s Civil War movie Cold Mountain (sung by Alison Krauss, lyrics by T-Bone Burnett and Elvis Costello) sums it up in “The Scarlet Tide”:

“… Man goes beyond his own decision
Gets caught up in the mechanism
Of swindlers who act like kings,
And brokers, who break everything….”

Renee Zellweger’s got some good lines:
“Every piece of this is man’s bullshit.
They called this war a cloud over the land,
But they made the weather.
They stand in the rain and say:
‘Shit, it’s raining!’”

There’s magic in speaking/writing. If possible, we should each blog until our asses fall off; or until they become too sore to sit upon.