People suffer all over the world,
In painful balls they’re tightly curled.

Waiting, hoping, begging and killing,
Atrocities done by the willing.

Seeking answers to who they are,
Am I just here to go to war?

Meaning and purpose. I want them now,
Where is my peace? I get it how?

Why is life so tough? I ask,
Failure looms at every task?

My life is not what I had planned,
Expectations are out of hand.

Fear and desperation rule,
Drastic measures – actions cruel.

Answers offered from outside sources,
Lay the groundwork for evil forces.

Fundamental jihads of terror,
Justify their anger and failure.

Attend the rallies—extremist groups,
Learn to make bombs to kill the troops.

Innocent civilians, children, too,
Collateral damage to Christian and Jew.

Destroy the Infidels. Kill them all,
But where is the peace? I got the call.

I shed much blood, as I was told,
So where is the peace? Where is my gold?

The craving within will not subside,
No matter how many innocents died.

How could I think to kill for peace?
How could I have been such a beast?

My intuition cried out from within,
My heart knew this was original sin.

To kill for peace is just insane,
Just as Abel was slain by Cain.

God I’m sorry! So many dead,
Bloody hands have been misled.

What a waste. Where can I run?
Atonement demands I “eat my gun”.

Then the pain inside will go,
What you reap is what you sow.

Perhaps I don’t deserve the peace,
God I wish this pain would cease.

Finally an end to pain,
Insanity was all to gain.

Too bad they really miss the mark,
It’s love brings light from out the dark.