There’s all sorts of cause-and-effect paradoxes… like our shower faucet… the hot water always leaked, so Danny fixed it by going into the downtown Murphy hardware store, finding the right washer, and replacing it. But after a couple months, it runs again, enough hot water leaking to keep the faucet warm. So I goes to the local hardware store and spends five bucks on a huge package of multi-purpose washers, then on to Walmart for another, slightly different large package for four bucks, then home, fully stocked with washers, and the dripping faucet immediately slows way down on its own, no doubt intimidated by my excessive washer purchase. (Is the reason I can never spell ‘Ridiculous’ because I are one?)

I applaud the Chinese for the Jade Rabbit, their vehicle on the moon, and their space station; and for much else. China performed an admirable job of population control, for decades, with their one-child policy. The only way to value human life around here is to get rid of the over-population, and the colonization of space would be the most positive way to go about that. Shoot for a million on the moon, for starters; then go from there: actually go from there. On the Chinese space web site is a beautiful picture of a classroom chalkboard, with the word style written in cursive, beautifully large.

Capitalism without even a hint of Marxism, totally devoid of any sort of social responsibility, is horribly cold and lifeless. It ain’t never s’posed to be that way.