Scientists across the globe consistently inform us that the pollutions caused by our continual, careless, and insistent consumption are, day by day, destroying the fragile ecosystems that sustain all life on our planet.

Ho Hum, who cares? Our governments? Our corporations? Our educational institutions? Not so much. And we two-legs? For the most part, we remain wrapped up in gossip, scandal, mindless entertainment, and the work of getting ahead of the next fellow. The blind are herding the blind and leading them toward the final cliff. Someone else can take care of the planet.[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Win a trip to Ranquilco in our Writing Contest - Foundation WARP[/custom_frame_right]

Who cares? Well, we do, and we are doing something about it.

Someone else? We’ll give it a go. Foundation WARP is part of Wild Spirit Energies’ WARP Place project, an online community designed to enable ecoconscious writers, artists, readers, and photographers to generate money both for themselves and for organizations committed to Earth Care. Foundation WARP will be one conduit through which we distribute funds to proactive organizations battling to salvage Mother Earth before it is entirely too late.