First, we need the desire. Creativity inspires desire. Desire creates ideas.

Today, our modern world is requiring a handy means of getting from San Francisco to Los Angeles, on the ground, in an hour. I submit, looking down on the West Coast from 30,000 feet, it looks like the most promising route would be the sea. My task now is to convince you a 500 mph boat is feasible.

We must cultivate the desire for safe, fast, boats. Ken Warby set the boat speed record of 317 mph 35 years ago. Speedboat racing since 1940 has suffered from an 85% fatality rate, because, at high speeds, the boats begin to spin. My solution is to spin the boat from the beginning. Build a round boat who’s spinning hull offers unlimited stability, and a smooth ride: the faster it goes, the more stable it becomes.

The best picture I can give you of its forward propulsion: imagine a thrown stone, skipping across the water’s surface; when the stone loses its spin, it sinks. I believe if you can keep the stone spinning, it’ll go quite far, quite quickly; the drive system involves transferring rotational energy into directional energy.
The flexibility of Fast Boats is overwhelming: San Francisco to Long Beach, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Mazatlan, Lima, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo.

So, our country is considering, and has begun constructing, a 70 billion dollar SF-LA high speed rail system. Elon Musk has proposed a 7 billion dollar Hyperloop SF-LA pneumatic tube system. I’m proposing a fleet of large, round, 500 mph boats which could be had for around 7 million dollars.