It’s been such a struggle for me to admit to the possibility that the last century’s horrendous global unnatural inhuman activity may serve a higher purpose. For a life-long Green Environmentalist such as myself, it’s a lot of crow to eat: to think that the dude filling his SUV with a hundred bucks of unleaded is performing a super patriotic act! To think that a hundred years of unnatural fascistic living: two world wars, global industrialization, intense mechanization all serve the ulterior purpose of warming the earth in the face of an eminent 300 years of solar calming, cooling (see the Maunder Minimum).

We’ve always known that Alfred E. Newman’s approach of ‘What? Me worry?’ was the correct one: relax, chill out, accept what is, go with the flow; but it’s an awful lot of crow to eat to have to concede to the value of profligate global forest clear-cutting, massive fossil fuel burning, parking lot paving, road-building — all this unnatural living purposely done to heat the earth and blunt eminent global/solar calming/cooling.

Perhaps in a hundred years we’ll find it necessary to use CFCs to blast holes in the ozone again.

I don’t go for the Christian/Book of Revelations theory that we’re living in the End Times, waiting for the Rapture, that all this unnatural living is the beginning of the end; this falls way too short of universal for my taste.

Now that the Chinese have come onboard so dramatically (sorry about all the smog, Beijing), fracking has increased domestic production of oil and gas so dramatically, the Canadian shale-oil fields are open, and Mexico has opened up its energy fields to foreign development, I believe it’s time for we humans to surrender the unnatural lifestyle for the Natural one. After all, seeking the light will make us all a bit warmer.

Now’s the time to go about seeking the healing of our souls, seeking the clean goodness of the natural world, working to repair our earthly connection, heal our troubled spiritual ties.

We see some powerful positive elements. First, the world-wide street culture is sound; the man on the street is basically sane, positive, and healthy: it’s a miracle. Second, the power to save our selves lies within us; we each have great innate healing strength. Third, free global electronic communication provides unlimited social wealth.