Having founded a school in the ’70s on a remote mountain ranch in northern California, we sometimes refer to ourselves as old hippies who, in addition to educating, building, gardening, river-tripping, and playing lots of volleyball, became environmental activists after witnessing up close the attack on our native and beloved forests—once-mighty trees bleeding off the indifferent backs of logging trucks.

Now, many miles and years down the road, we offer the promise of WARP Place to bring in grassroots, communal, and international energy along with the funds to support hard-fighting organizations committed to Earth Care. WARP-Place-dot-com

We hope the evolving WARP Place will host conversations and stimulate action on global environmental fronts. In these oft-dark times that seem to present extreme challenges at every turn, we go forward with positive feelings. We go lightheartedly, building this place from scratch and hoping from first light that many within our growing community will truly enjoy the creation.

Thanks for getting involved!

WARP Place – A NEW Community for Writers and Visual Artists!

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