Oceanside amidst elemental waltz
My lover conjures her fundamental self
and I am, once again, won.

Waves, star flamed, test their tireless might
against Earth phallae – air kissed, wind blessed,
And – failing again, again, and … again,
finally, in the faraway future, win.

I sit perched atop cliff’s vantage,
Imbibing each little tsunamic salute
as a caress from far and away woman
and would that she be with me – the better
to witness sun’s foreplay with horizon’s frontier.

Her body and beingness … mine.
to ripple with warm wanderments
as eyes echo the air-whipped frenzy below
and fingers, beings, begin to lay claim
once again to her delineations and flames,
creeping, caressing, encircling Oneness
where we are joined again, again and … OH again.

Earth, air, fire, water … my lover and I
as all the Earth angels hold hands
Our love, our one great Love, shall never die.