Sell Your Books Here

As we must first concentrate on other areas of the site, we are not yet opening the Sell Your Book platform. However, our thinking to date is represented in the text below. We welcome any feedback on what we have or should have. Please send any constructive comments to with Sell Your Book in the subject line. Much obliged.


Have a book to sell? Have a frustrated writer friend or relative who should be published? Sell your books right here along with our other offerings and benefit from our easy process, cross-promotion, and the friendly advice you’ll find onsite.


When you’re ready, just upload your Word (or Open Office) file, and we will convert it into an eBook (mobi, epub, pdf) and post it for sale in our Bookstore. As stated elsewhere, we reserve the right to reject a manuscript we consider to be hate speech or unredeeming rubbish..

There is a one-time $50 listing fee that you can quickly make back with just a few sales. You must have a PayPal account to submit your fee and to receive royalty payments.

All eBooks on WARP Place sell for $7.99 (except for special offers). Authors receive a 75% (!) royalty for every sale (25% goes to Foundation WARP toward Earth Care), and your eBook will be available for review by our members and for reading by visitors.

Also, WARP Place will promote your book worldwide, so you must agree to the Terms of Service that give us the right to show, promote, and sell your eBook. Authors retain their copyright at all times.

As soon as we can, we’ll further develop author pages and offer conversion services.

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