Video Fun Contest Overview

It is now easier than pie (or Pi) for everybody and his brother, mother, and significant other to become video artists. Cameras are seemingly (often seamlessly) built into just about every new product that comes online. Heck, my vacuum’s probably got one. If I just knew where to look, I could start filming my cat’s elaborate strategies to put plenty of distance between her and the gruff Mister Bissell.

The web provides an outlet for an enormous number of talented people who may not otherwise have gotten the break that gets their work noticed. WARP Place is another venue where visual artists—both amateur and pro—can shine. (By the way, pros and wanna-be pros should look into Picture This, coming soon to the Artists/Photographers area, where visual artists can advertise their work and themselves.)

In the Play area we are launching our first Video Fun Contest, where members may upload videos up to two (2) minutes long in six (6) different categories. We’ll all vote on those we like the best, and the virtual cream will rise to the proverbial top. As interest builds, we look forward to turning Video Fun into a way for you to make a few bucks. We’ll charge a small entry fee that builds a kitty in each category; then, at the end of a preannounced time, we’ll tally the votes. Winners will split the kitty with Foundation WARP. Then we’ll take it from the top with another set of categories.

It’s easy. It’s fun. You should do it. No really. Dogs with helmet cams can do it if you teach them how to register and login. Here’s how it works (and remember, dumb fun is still fun, often the funniest fun). Click these links to see the Rules, Submission Form, and Gallery.

N.B. No one affiliated with WARP Place, Jaguar Ambassadors Gang, Wild Spirit Press, or Wild Spirit Energies is eligible for any contest prizes.

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