WARP Place Posting Guidelines

The Work of Others

Your Page: We plan to create a page for each contributor. To help us enrich your page (optional), please provide a picture of yourself, some biographical info (fewer than 500 words), and a link to your personal website if you have one. You may also suggest additional websites in which your readers/viewers might be interested.

Text: Please submit text in Word (or Open Access doc). Paste PDF files into Word, then review and submit. We urge posters to run spell- and grammar-checkers on their work and become familiar with the short, invaluable book Elements of Style by William Strunk and E. B. White. Websites such as Infoplease can help us all become better writers.

Images: Submitting an image along with your written post can help your work stand out. But please be careful to submit only your own or public-domain images, such as those available at Creative Commons and the like. Watermarked images are copyrighted and may be for sale but not for use otherwise.

The Work of Others: Text/images found to be plagiarized or used without permission of the copyright holder will result in the termination of membership. Please err on the side of extra caution in this regard.

Speech: For all written postings and submitted art, we reserve the right to reject anything we deem hate speech or totally lacking in socially redeeming value. Repeated postings of objectionable material will cause membership to be terminated.

Comments: We are not censors. We cherish free expression and love a good argument. However, we reject personal attacks and racially- or ethnically-derogatory language. Do not flood a discussion with only your comments or slight variations of them. Look others in the virtual eye and treat them as you want to be treated. Do not advocate violence or any illegal activity.

Help: Should you have questions about these guidelines, please write to admin@warpplace.com with Posting Guidelines in the Subject line.