Wiley Quixote

Wiley Quixote describes himself as a jack of all trades who has worked in various artistic media, focusing now primarily on photography and writing. See his portrait portfolio here and his poetic response to the untimely recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman here.

A fan of metaphysics, the humanities, and the people sciences, Quixote has a strong interest in Jungian psychology as a process of understanding life’s journey, and is fascinated by the human creature in all its unguarded simplicity and mysterious complexity. He tries to bring the historical and archetypal to bear in his photographic and poetic observations, while at once aiming to briefly capture and express the living moment, the eternal now. A close relationship to the unconscious and his intuition are his mercurial guides and the limits of his imagination, pocketbook, and skills his only boundaries.

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