After the 2013/14 mini contest, we will be ready to conduct our main contests, which we plan to continue indefinitely. We expect in the 2014 Writing Contest to unearth some outrageously beautiful tales and hypnotically convincing arguments on Flow and other topics, but in 2014 we will expand the contest to ten (10) categories and offer $70,000 in prizes.flow-book2
Principal Categories: These all have awards of $5,000 cash and a one-week writers’ retreat at our founder’s Estancia Ranquilco in the Argentine Patagonia for a prize award value of $10,000, or $70,000 total. All categories are fully explicated on the Category Detail page:
1. The Energy of Flow (annual topic)*
2. Best/worst life-changing experience
3. Adventure thriller (truth or fiction)
4. God/Alien of the World (what would You do?)
5. Tragedy/Bliss (your story, truth or fiction)
6. Most inspirational person/event (who/what has inspired you?)
7. Legacies, under 18 (what’s been left to you; what will you leave?)
Bonus Categories
In the three bonus categories, our judges will select 20 finalists in each. We will publish a compilation of their entries and make it available for sale in our bookstore on July 4, 2014. The represented authors will evenly split a 50% royalty on sales of the $10 compilation books.
8. What do women want?
9. What do men want?
10. WARP Open Category.