After the 2013/14 minicontest, we will be ready to conduct our main contests, which we plan to continue indefinitely. We expect in the 2013/14 Contest to unearth some outrageously beautiful tales and hypnotically convincing arguments on Flow and other topics, but in 2014 we will expand the contest to ten (10) categories and offer $70,000 in prizes. Yes, your writing career could very well begin here!2014: The Year Your Writing Career Begins here at WARP place

Principal Categories: These all have awards of $5,000 cash and a one-week writers’ retreat at our founder’s Estancia Ranquilco in the Argentine Patagonia for a prize award value of $10,000, or $70,000 total. All categories are fully explicated on the Category Detail page:

1. The Energy of Flow (annual topic)*
2. Best/worst life-changing experience
3. Adventure thriller (truth or fiction)
4. God/Alien of the World (what would You do?)
5. Tragedy/Bliss (your story, truth or fiction)
6. Most inspirational person/event (who/what has inspired you?)
7. Legacies, under 18 (what’s been left to you; what will you leave?)