Practically everybody knows the Law of Attraction and the million books which advocate that path. But what goes wrong in your life? Are you blocking the “Flow”?
Accept and Let go . “Flow” evokes the secret behind Universal Creation and how to manifest everything we have dreamed in our lives. Flow with Ashley as he teaches the way of the element – Water

Flow: Commonsense Cosmology for the Not-Yet-Enlightened Everyperson and a Life-Lover’s Guide to Creation Enjoyment.

Flow offers readers a way to change their lives by applying energies that recognize that perfection reigns in all life events, that we are responsible for what we attract into our lives, and that—with positivity at the helm and negativity forbidden—the flow brings us just what we need for our personal evolution. Once you embrace, understand, and practice Flow, Life becomes greatly enjoyable with stress, worry, confusion left in the wake of a new, proud, and secure vessel. The “F” word—fun, comes into serious play.
The Law of Attraction

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