I don’t know how you feel about “dating” – of course I don’t, as I barely know how I feel about it! I am on my way to Denver for an overnight stop on route to Buenos Aires. Darling daughter, Julianna, introduced me to her friend and mentor via a series of emails and a couple of phone calls which created this 24 hour “blind” date.

I have been married a couple of times and have experienced a number of other relationships and dalliances – a one night stand, or two and what I can say is that it is a grand adventure – this endeavoring to be with a significant other. The fairy tale has it that we fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. The fairy tale has been pretty much blown apart by…….. by reality – not that it can’t happen, of course it can, but as often as not it turns into some other sort of story.

I live in deep country, in the wilds of Patagonia which requires a three hour horse trip. Dating is therefore complicated on a good day and impossible the rest of the time. I am also not interested in bar scenes, not that there are any bars in my area, so I am left with online dating. I disdained the process initially, but then achieved a couple of great connections and found that it is far better than pissing and moaning about not having anything on the horizon, and blindly hoping that God or the Universe will waltz in some pulchritude. It is still a bit of a funny process, but what in life doesn’t have its questionable component – warped as it all is?

So here’s to love in all its guises, as I fly to a little 24 hour dance to whatever music the two of us make together.