It’s a big planet, its biggest part, the oceans. And of ocean’s many priceless wonders, few compare favorably with dolphins. If you’ve ever been sailing at the right time and place and seen a pod of dolphins swimming, playing, dancing, and leaping beside and in front of your bow, something daunting and exquisite happens to your heart-soul. You become so full so fast, you feel your heart might burst in fireworks above your pulsing, singing soul.

I know this to be true. Granted audience with this holiness, I passed through delight, joy and wonder to a gratitude that reached up through my skull and down through my feet. I had to turn away for one long moment to collect myself. Then I was back up on the bow, watching the boat and the dolphins slice through the sea together and leave an indelible imprint that I carry with me always.

Certainly it seemed like a BIG ocean—out there, out of sight of any land. It seemed then like an awfully big planet. But it isn’t really, is it? It’s just a small spot forged by the elements (and perhaps your higher being), where all of us are alone together, wondering if we may somehow yet succeed in learning that the best way to look out for ourselves is to look out for one another.


To learn how you can help save these amazing beings from slaughter by the Japanese “fishermen” seen in the film The Cove, visit Take Part—The Cove.