GOOD DAY. It is high time that we roll up our shirtsleeves, gird our loins, endorse our reality check and get to work/play with our job as self determined stewards of our space ship, old Ma Earth.
As any semi enlightened/educated/aware/conscious being knows, Earth’s precious and precarious eco-systems are under severe attack, with countless innocent species threatened with extinction as well as our entire way of being. No longer can we just roll our eyes, stick our heads back in the sand, and sigh about the situation we are handing our grandchildren – the bills are coming due now.

We hear, over and over, how dire it is all becoming – indeed our newspapers are full of frightening reports of never ending strife and ongoing disasters, with more to come. And nobody, it seems, is doing much more than applying band aids and cheap platitudes.

Interestingly enough there is a simple solution. But first we need to address the situation – we need to really understand the whats and the whys of the problem to then embrace the solution.

So what is the problem on Earth, this third rock from the sun? It is the pollution caused by the consumptions of one species that is attacking eco-systems, threatening entire species with extinction via the attendant habitat destruction, and at the same time fueling the hate of the have nots. (hint; do not be fooled by Republican assurances that “We” can handle this scientifically – we cannot)

And the solution? Simple. Cease consuming the non essential products which so clutter our lives. Not so simple? Getting people around the world to understand how consumption (read pollution) not only needs to be controlled, but is also arguably desirable from the viewpoint of life enjoyment.

Where to start? Our children – via concerned and involved parents and teachers.

How? Educating us all to this tremendously important understanding of what is happening NOW to our Mother Earth, how it is happening, and then that there is a solution. And since we don’t want our lovely babies to lie down in front of the bulldozers, in comes Extinction Parade.

How to effect an Extinction Parade in your community? Easy. Get a couple of parents and teachers together to do a campaign with local business and social groups to lend a minimal support via donations. In return for a few bucks they get representation in the Parade and resulting media attention. The money generated is used to procure costumes from thrift shops, used stores, closets, and storage facilities so that the kids and participants in the Parade can dress up to represent species who have either gone extinct, or are threatened with extinction. This is fun!

Then get some free media interest and make the march down Main Street with lots of kid-made signs sharing the news of how consumptions and attendant poisons are killing things: creatures, habitats, oceans, forests, airs, earths, waterways, turtles, little cute owls etc etc etc. Make up some music and play it as you march.

Then end up in the Park with a pot luck lunch of leftovers, and music for dancing. Hand out kid made pamphlets inviting one and all to do their best to reduce unnecessary consumptions. Make suggestions on how to live with less and how a simpler life is a better life and that the other species who share this Earth ride will thank us. Send them to (JAG) – and share with them how kids of all ages are assuming an ambassadorial role for all the other beings who cannot speak for themselves to defend their young from the onslaughts of “progress”.

Part B of this is Ego Revolution – check it out on the website, and really have fun!

Thanks, – from all the unrepresented brother and sister species who are on this spaceship ride with us.