Think about how we love love love our newborns. There may not be a purer love on any planet – an unconditional love that shines forth making us so very glad to be alive.

Friends, I have just deleted some sentences I was struggling with regarding our ignorance in parenting and how we so condition these little beauties into being products of societies – cogs, if you will. Whenever I address this subject I run into self sighs and little head shakes as I know very well that my views are non-starters in society. Still.

Still, I might forge ahead in the interests of courageously, if stupidly, standing up for my beliefs. So, here it is; education sucks.

I know, I know. That is like saying that American apple pie doesn’t taste good. Fine.

But look at this; the world is in a very sorry shape. It IS!, durn it. Listen to our educated scientists who are informing us that eco-systems are dying, and that climatic change is coming, hell, it is here…… more durns. What is causing this life threatening damage? Well it is the deadly pollutions caused by the production of the “goods” we desire, somehow thinking that more things will make us happy.

And who is responsible for this criminality towards our Mother Earth?

Everyone who buys anything.

Not an overstatement, but it requires a little shaping. The main problem is, of course, overpopulation – we ALL know that. Seven thousand million bi-peds is too much by a factor of ten, some say a hundred. But the point here is that it is the educated souls who produce an overwhelming percentage of evilish pollution, not the bloody beggar in Bagdad who buys some bread, finally, and, on a really good day, a beer. It is also the fault of education that we, the entire wide world, did not understand how to control our numbers a hundred and fifty years ago, a la Darwin and Malthus, was it?

So we educate our beauties to show and tell, and to be able to do that competitively with all the johnnies and susies, they need to get an education, a terrible one at that, to then get a (look out, here comes the “J” word) Job – self imprisonment for most of the active length of life – a self imposed life sentence you might say. Well…… there ARE Tupperware parties to look forward to, if early, stress caused, demise is not experienced.

There – I have said it.

Ask your friend this; do we teach our darlings how to care for the Earth, how to be emotionally and bodily healthy, how to produce stress free happiness (a birth right, some say). How to eat well, how to think well, how to erase negativity from life, how to cherish and incorporate positivity. How to say “I love you”, and know what it means, what the real purpose of life is, how to wander through the  sometimes slippery paths of partnership and of producing loving families? How to balance work and play, how to live simply, how to share, or what is “enough”? Do we let them know the obvious, that possessions possess and that hearses don’t have luggage racks? Have we let them know that Change is here – just the bow wave for now, but with amazing disasters looming on a truly educated horizon?

And, dare I say it, do we teach them how to experience physical intimacy with themselves – with others, for the rapture and ecstasy shared harmlessly and perfectly, and adding love vibes to the globe at the same time? Do we teach them how to live with kindness, with integrity, compassion, generosity, and humor at the helm? Do we teach them how to breathe (hint; add consciousness – deeply)?

Education is a fine word. But we have warped it to suit the powers that be and submit our lovely children’s’ tiny souls to a demeaning and false sense of values, crushing child dreams in the process and installing hardwired drives to compete and to pray at the hog trough of competitive consumption that does nobody and no thing, any valuable good. Enough said. Actually, too much said.