“Frozen” is a poem from the second volume of Ms Kessler’s two-volume set, Girl Unbound. Volume 1: In Love was released by Cook Creative on Valentine’s Day 2014 and can be purchased here. Volume 2: In Despair will be published by Cook Creative later this spring.

Tia Kessler, Frozen, Kentucky Winter 3-3-14


The wind blew down
from northern skies
as it laid in frozen ecstasies
on Kentucky fields.
It still smelled
of the snow and pine
from whence it was born.
It echoed in 
my hollow heart
and suited the chill
of my lips.
Frozen I became,
my veins
the waterbeds
of solid glass rivers.
My eyes
the lace-patterned 
of northern winter
the aurora borealis 
of you
having ceased its nightly dance.