hell face


Some still say it is all OK, never considering the why’s

And many never query status quo’s thin disguise.


Our children and theirs, innocent victims – collateral damage

Inherit the wasteland of our unconscious greedy whims – our rampage.


FUCK POETRY for there is no time left as flowers, rainbows, and coral reefs –

Jaguars, whales, and songbirds – all fall to our horrid degradations.


You say “tsk, tsk” and hurry off, criminally motorized, to earn lucre

So that you may consume your share, participate in ungracious eco-cide.


Me? I say that Hell is here and endeavor that my heaven’s footprint ever lessen.


Yet and still the Earth Story in its tear-filled telling holds the fond cuddles of Creator’s Love,

Where one may find kind solace at day’s end – can you see it…feel it,

As mind cedes to heart