With these words the imagination starts endlessly swaying away to days where past was created. And then with that grows a hypothetical story, a perfect one with a fairy tale ending! Each one of us has this strong urge to see things as we want them, to listen to what appears sweet to our ears and to live life as we have always planned. Most of us tend to forget the thin line between remembrance and imagination. We start from past and keep on making stories that lead us to a completely changed present and eventually to a non-existing future. It’s all a state of mind, a vision that only exists somewhere inside us, more precisely it’s a thought unrealistic. “Had I taken that decision!” is at the root cause of all human sufferings. It’s the desire to wash off what already has been written, the urge to escape the present, the aspiration to breathe a future of fantasies!

Instead of reflecting what could have been done, why don’t we concentrate on what we still have? The present moment is already a history on which we will reflect someday later. So why not before making it a thing of past, we leave it perfect! It’s still in our hands to ‘take the other way!’ We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake. If you expect a fairy tale ending, you need to readjust your thought process. Nothing good happens unless you earn it. Look at your actions; look at what you actually do to them and how selfish, immature and unfaithful you can be. You can’t keep living that life and expect everything to be okay. You say you try? If you really tried your hardest, most of the shit in your life wouldn’t be a problem. Your life is a broken record playing on repeat because you can’t seem to look outside the box and learn.  Wake up and realize the important things in life and the meaning of life, and not what the stereotypes have to say or what could have been done. Stop searching for a fairy tale ending instead give each moment of your life the best. At the end, everything will fall correctly at its place. Each single thing will make perfect sense!