Kaleidoscopic Goddesses


Somewhere between mind, heart and soul

There is a rainbow of women

Coursing through these times so wrought with wonderment

Riding my thoughts like wild ponies in the raven dark


I gallop between visions,

Smiles and sighs waltzing

As remembrance finds fondness and longings.


There, the fire haired majesty in my dreams

Cascading of a night into my arms

And creating a yearning so vast that tenability flailed At rude reality, as failure warped to perfection’s crude form


And there, oh right there, come closer sweet vision Romp with me again through nights of yore

Holding exploring caressing tasting passioning aplenty,

And then the easements; celebrations – prayers of glory


You, sculptured improbability who disrobed fireside

An impossible show with an audience of one.

You smiled, baring this and you challenged baring that

What dream was dreamt that you could be mine

Tonight tomorrow forever and forever’s offspring?

Now swirls in laughter, love’s signature

Which quelled so many times

As we held tightly to the mercurial smoke

Of our pyre as this or that sobered our dance


Cathy:akcGypsy woman, night haired, sneaks onto the sailboat of my going

Bades me stay, a stowaway to her queendom

Shares fortunes of empiric vastness unchained

And I, barely a knave, if happy in her celestial court.


This concoction of major women melds with passing flames

Kindled by a life of dreams carried as one would a coal

Of last fire’s sun echo to the next place of rest in a forest clearing


Here a young rebel, exhorting movements, aswirl and loud

And beautiful beyond recent compare

My longing could not pierce the veil of busy opine

Though I watched and waited

Knowing that the love I felt rising

Was more rebellious and could change worlds


Denied, I pled silently that she come to my dreams And finally, yielding and purring, she came.


Amazons, mirages, lasses, Valkyries, Latins – a lady from the steppes

All hold wondrous sway in a mercurial mélange

Comprising the goddess so sought


So if I bed alone I still have all that sweet soupy sirenic silence


To embrace the long night through.