The vampire sleeps in a prison
behind a secret door,
in the castle atop Gray Mountain,
at the edge of Slaughter Shore.

If you dare to disturb
his thousand-year sleep,
all the blood of the wicked,
into the village shall seep.

Mass minions of familiars
shall kill at his beckon.
Don’t resist, for he’ll devour
your soul in a second.

When you think of all
the havoc he’ll reap,
don’t you think it is best
to let vampires sleep?

I have witnessed what lurks,
in the shadows of darkness.
I have battled the godless,
and murdered the heartless.

I have spit  my own blood
in a monstrous eye
of a creature that was damned,
and still wouldn’t die.

So I think If you’d seen
such horrors as I,
you’d think it best
to let a vampire lie.

I sincerely hope this letter,
makes it through.
For the fate of mankind,
is depending on you.

I have guarded these walls,
for a century.
I am old, and dying,
so you must replace me.

I know it is tempting
to just take a peek,
but take my advice.
Just let vampires sleep!