golden girl outshining yon sun
traipsing sandwards, trailing cutest pooch
and songs sweet with being, beach-bound.

she is dream-laden landed on Earth’s shore
a warm walking statue
blue, blue eyes aswirl above smile’s radiance
words wilt here, think otherworldly
think bountiful beauty and feel fathomless love.

Ocean, Mexican womb warm
Pacifically caressing shore’s sand, beckoning
why does one shout so at waves’ salty embrace?
joy and life and fun and boundless love.

and there we smiled, the one—the other
bouncing with moon’s pull, propelled by wild winds
speaking of life, of our loves and wonderments
as the day wandered by, wave-borne.

Where did this darling daughter come from?
she seems ethereal, heavenly
a visitor to these climes.

So as troubles try to touch she dances, yes,
and then to waltz away not trifling trouble.

Angels visit Earth, god’s daydreams
this one perches on my very heart
where she lightens my life with her laughter.