What Makes Things Tick

I’m noticing the seasonal change, as if for the first time. Last night (Sept 27th), I closed the bedroom windows, and tonight I also closed the blinds. After such an unbelievable summer—six months of Western Carolina days strung together, living fully open to the air: such a natural miracle. How I will miss the open windows as the fall turns to winter, having to go outdoors to feel the fresh air. Big deal; put a coat on; hit the door. Life is so difficult, such an inconvenience, I certainly deserve better than this, huh?

If you please, I’ll proceed to eliminate various explanations for what makes things tick:

MONEY? Hardly. I’ve spent my life without much of it, basically without any ill effects. I suppose my secret is I’ve always lived as if I had money.

SEX? Might make the world go around, but that’s about it. Actually, this orb would probably keep rotating fine without it.

WAR? That’s a possibility; we certainly couldn’t be the world’s leading socio-military force without practicing it. Ants fight all the time.

GAS BURNING? That would explain our overwhelmingly oily behavior. I sure as hell hope we avoided another ice age; otherwise, we’ve engaged in all this earth-destroying carbon-burning activity for no good reason.

FAMILY? That’s a big one, awesome, and real, right, pleasant, and quite meaningful. Disturb an ant hill, and they all hurry to get to moving their eggs out. But, still, one family can get together and set out to kill another family, or country, or religion, or any assorted group of strangers.

LOVE is gravity, attraction, the glue that holds it all together, the universal attraction sentiment. This must be it, for sure. Love is all there is, really.