Every day here on planet Earth is a full year past its own date a year ago. A whole new year begins every single day, yet there is nothing sacrosanct about that fact on any day. Every day holy, if we make it so.

Every single day completes a year-long round and begins a new circle around the sun. Every day can be a day of reflection, of honoring what has been and gone by, what was wonderful and awful and has slipped away. And of bowing to the magic and miracles that might emerge within and without. A day of committing to peace and beauty and love beyond imagining.

The cultural hoopla around December 31 is so puzzling–a prime example of “it has meaning if we say it does.” And if millions say it does in some big flashy way, and big powerful institutions say it does in important, serious ways, then that day definitely takes on a buzz of its own.

But that buzz isn’t inherent, it is a dream, it is mind-made–mano maya–a cultural human construct, like a child’s game. If it has any depth and value and potentiality at all, it’s because our collective intention puts it there.

So let’s do that more often. Choose your own days. Every day a new year begins. Every day we can let go and start again, every day we can recommit to beauty and laughter, to joy, and praise, and prayer, and peace.