The Trail North

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The Trail North recounts Hawk’s journey on horseback from the California commune—then a school, so this was his Senior Project—along the Sierra Nevada and up into the Washington Cascades, when he was a lad of 16. It is no exaggeration to suggest he left a boy and arrived a man.

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2 reviews for The Trail North

  1. Emily S Henning

    By Emily S. Henning
    An amazing story about a teenage boy’s “rite of passage” on a trip along the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) with his horse. It made me want to travel the PCT! What a great trip for a teenage boy to make, and what wonderful parents he had to allow him to do this. A great read, inspiring.

  2. Michael P McCullough

    By Michael P. McCullough
    A teenager (who would be about my age, now) decided to ride his horse the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail. He saw a wolverine. He wrote this book. I loved it!

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