Russell Fuller

Leap and the net will appear is an online journal by Russell Fuller (pictured here with his daughter Sierra), one of the founders of WARP Place, previously a founding member of both The Aerial Circus and NOTA Project, coauthor of Headwaters: Tales of the Wilderness, and an admittedly weary traveler still on the road but wondering about the signs. He also has sold books and music as Rapscalion2246 on Amazon for 10 years, where he has maintained a 100% positive feedback rating. Find him here on Facebook

Boston-born, Russell was schooled in Massachusetts, Ohio, North Carolina, and northern California before he realized he could quit.

With a couple of other teachers willing to work dirt-cheap and a group of parents deeply disaffected from the public schools, he co-founded a school for 4 through 10-year-olds and taught until he realized he could quit. Sorry, kids.

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Russell and first edition[/custom_frame_left] After then moving to deep mountain country, he began working with animals of all sorts, teaching goats, for example, such civilities as drinking wine from a ceramic bowl while reading the day-old newspaper delivered by the mailman. The critters certainly took to the drinking but ate the newspaper.

Down the road he had a short career as a photographer and film reviewer and a longer one on the front lines of writing repair, turning the puffed-up prose of professors, the hieroglyphics of nuclear engineers, and the Cheetos-driven gibberish of computer programmers into something readable before everyone quit and went home, online, or both.

Certain familial hurricanes drove him back East again, and while his heart remains in California, the rest of him now resides in a glorious 19th-century hovel that slants awkwardly in multiple directions in its slow slide into the war memorial in his front yard, honoring those who made and kept his hovel free.


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