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Headwaters: Tales of the Wilderness

Headwaters, with a foreword by Edward Abbey, tracks the evolutionary musings of four “hippie” brothers in the mid-70s who journey into the wilderness near their northern California ranch or “commune” for adventures in various weathers and geographies, while dealing with personal identities that look a little different coming out.

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4 reviews for Headwaters

  1. Tulip Town Traders

    By Tulip Town Traders on February 22, 2008
    An intriguing glimpse into the souls of four men on a quest. Lyrical prose with imagery that will haunt me forever. Beautiful, insightful, funny. Contains a few very fine photographs whose detail and clarity are amazing.

  2. Kate Holtan

    A Great Read!
    By Kate Holtan on March 30, 2007
    Format: Paperback
    Four best friends journey into the Northern California wilderness from separate starting points, with a promise to meet up with each other at a certain point. Armed with their maps, each of the four records their trials, self-discoveries, wonderments and thoughts along the way in this intensely personal account of their journeys.

  3. Anonymous

    “These velvet-horned punks are loaded and dangerous.”—Edward Abbey, author of Desert Solitaire and The Monkey Wrench Gang

  4. Anonymous

    “An unsentimental, unself-conscious, and intensely funny account of personal growth and self-discovery. These mountain woolies have never written anything before…. Maybe that’s why their first book is so good.”—David Cavagnaro, author of This Living Earth

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