Baby, I can’t explain a lot of silly things I do.
I can also feel the pain every time that I hurt you.
My shortcomings must be difficult for your love to endure.
But when you hold me in your arms I know that I am yours.
I am yours in the morning when your hair is a tangled mess.
I am yours when you’re complaining about things I couldn’t guess.
I am yours even when you try to shut me out again.
When you hold me in your arms, I know I’m yours until the end.
I am a skeptic when life’s deceptive, and it gets the best of me.
I am torn between comfort and insecurity.
I am gung-ho for a quid pro quo when our future is debated.
I am pleased with your simplicity when the world seems complicated.
I am poised to stand by your side through all confrontations.
I am dedicated to help guide you through the worst situations.
I am sure you are the remedy, the only love that cures.
When happiness blankets me, I know that I am yours.
I am yours in the here and now, and forever after.
I am yours through years of tears and uncontrollable laughter.
I am yours simply because it’s the thing I want to be.
Baby, can I please be yours for all eternity?