Storyline Overview

Storyline is a chance for all of us to sit around a virtual table and create some stories together. We used to do this by kerosene lamplight while sampling Brian’s latest batch of white lightning to stave off the cold of winter nights deep in the mountains. What we remember involves lots of laughing and what we don’t recall is just as well.

We’ve provided four beginnings (1, 2, 3, 4) but are not invested in where these efforts go. That is up to you. Just become a registered member, have fun, and be somewhat responsible to the rest of us. Invite your family, friends, neighbors, Facebook knuckleheads, speed-dating acquaintances, vagabonds and street urchins to join in a bit of literary merriment.

At some point we’ll call an end to one Storyline and start another. If we think the results are any good, perhaps we’ll publish it as a free eBook.

(Storyline content represents the views of its authors and does not necessarily reflect WARP Place policy. We’re not censors but will simply delete without apology anything we deem to be hate speech or completely offensive and without merit.)