The Coming together
A Poem by ashley k carritherskissing

A love poem about man and woman finding each other after seasons of not…..their stories of waiting and wandering and wondering, and then a quickening as time and tide bring them inexorably together.

Life, this mystifying dance we enjoin with endless flow
Brings myriad energies to wayward ones
As endeavorments towards understanding and then, peace,
Wage wondrous wager with gauntlets self strewn
Along the trails and trials which own soul’s body

He was born in love and always wandered towards love.
When fear fought with lovelight and saw momentary conquer,
He stumbled, peering upwards, seeking solace
In trees, waters, clouds, wild denizens, all dreams of god.
Until the dance was once again enjoined to love’s steady beat.

And She found her own way, striding and stumbling
Ever towards him, not always known
But dream desired nevertheless,
Her smile a beacon searching all the world’s seas,
Heart held, the place, and then the time, for Him.

A vision, a fantasy, a desire all danced in various guise
Through his mindscapes laden with love’s chorus, a happy burden,
She was always in attendance, laughing in rainbow spray,
And beckoning in dream’s remnants, a tantalizing sigh,
The perfect and always answer to “why?”.

She, cloaked in splendor, embodied in magic and waiting,
Waiting their time, as entwinements of destinies danced
With guesses, with hopes, and with their angels.
She seeks, he seeks as beseechments echo in heaven’s halls,

Her silent singing a strident siren through the nights,
His heart’s yearnings lending light to nightsky ways,

And finally, through all the magic of a wiley universe,
They find fingerprints there, twin idents and now it is easy.

Now a knowing reigns
An invisible baton is waved
Single sighs merge
Oneness waits
The inevitable joining
And the world becomes
A better place