Watched the second Wall Street movie, the Gordon Gekko gets out of jail for extreme insider trading etc, repenting his greed of yore and tearfully wins back his daughter, only to steal $100,000,000 from her. Ok – he had set up the account in heydays, but still …

The wonderment here is the greed piece. The new protagonist, Bretton Something, when asked what is his “number” (i.e. what is his financial goal), replies, “More!”, smirking like a wise man.

Greed is absolutely operative in the ways of man – has always been and could always be (though we will be addressing it mightily via Ego Revolution – stay tuned). Greed, like all negative energies, is a minion of Fear and Fear is the opposite of Love. Fear is a large subject – not easily condensed, nor easily graspable, but it stems from overpopulation of the one species, and concurrent feeling of the need to secure more than plenty for not only survival of the body, but also of the Ego. It is understandable, if pitiable.

Greed has almost brought world financial institutions to their knees. I won’t go into the mechanizations mostly because they both astound and bore me. Point is  WATCH OUT!!!! Because the more “they” prop it up with band aid maneuvers, the harder it is going to fall and the reality check will be more than can be paid. Yup.

So old Gordon Gekko, after expounding on how all he has left and all he cares about is his daughter, and please please forgive me, I Love you etc., begs for understanding and pity and… She finally believes him and they embrace, and then he casually takes her trust account and multiplies it by ten times with apparently no further communication with her.

Greed/Fear 2, Love zero.

He then gives her 10% of his money for some energy development project and reconciliation happens. Still, Love is solidly trumped by Fear/Ego, and, as a side point, the energy project is designed to prolong the “progress” and growth of the human institutions so as to produce more and more and more. (More on this later, too).

P.S. It was a dark night at our lake ranch outside of Aspen, long long ago. Nancy, who consorted constantly with Stars, brought Michael Douglas and his son to join me and my son at the inspiring waters of that lake. We did not know who it was, nor did we really care as a food fight followed the full moon rise and extreme joviality joined with the magic of that moon. Look at this: a huge moon shining upon a Star with cake on his face!