2014 Writing Contest Overview

For the moment, we are setting aside the Contests, though we will retain all entries we already have and probably publish some so that they benefit from reader feedback. We are leaving up the content under the Contest menu item and invite suggestions about adding photo and video categories to a Writers/Visual Artists contest or separating them.

Our initial writing contest is free to enter, and the Award Category is “Energy of Flow: How do we best manifest the flow of positive energy in our lives?” The winner (chosen by our member-readers) will receive $2,000 through PayPal and a one-week adventure at our founder’s Estancia Ranquilco (see also Ranquilco video) in the Argentine Patagonia (valued at $5,000).

In his book Flow, Ashley demonstrates that when we accept responsibility for and then savor the energies we attract, we begin to Flow—a lovely wandering down life’s trails now flavored with acceptance, appreciation, and celebration and dismissive of blame and guilt. By manifesting flow rather than trying to simply grasp and hold it for ourselves, we can leave behind doubt, worry, stress, confusion, jealousy, hate … even fear, especially fear.

Registering at WARP Place entitles you to a free download of Flow, which offers plenty of food for thought, but you needn’t respond to just that book. Indeed, the literatures of spirituality, psychology, philosophy, and ethics as well as fiction and poetry have approached this notion of flow in a thousand different ways. Any of these may underpin your thinking. When it comes to Flow, streams of consciousness might be in order.

The second category is our Open Category. Here we want to see what sort of writing is out there, with the intention of compiling a really interesting book, or books, of our members’ submissions. It is free to enter, and any appropriate writings (short stories or novellas, poetry, plays, essays, short biographies or commentary) are welcome. Although there is no prize award in the Open Category, selected finalists will be published in a compilation and participate in the 50% author royalty from the sales of that book.

See the Contest Submission Form for uploading your entry and the Contest Rules page for information on how it works, including compilations, reader voting, royalties, and prizes.

See the 2015 Contest pages for information about our big competition next year.

N.B. No one affiliated with WARP Place, Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (JAG), Wild Spirit Press (WSP), or Wild Spirit Energies (WSP) is eligible for any contest prizes or for inclusion in any contest-related compilations.

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