2015 Writing Contest Category Detail

Guidelines for each category in the 2015 Writing Contest are given below.

1. Energy of Flow: How do we best manifest the flow of positive energy in our lives? This will be an annual category in our writing contests. Anyone registering at WARP Place is entitled to a free download of Flow, the book wherein Ashley demonstrates that when we accept responsibility for and then savor the energies we attract, we begin to Flow—a lovely wandering down life’s trails now flavored with acceptance, appreciation, and celebration and dismissive of blame and guilt. By manifesting flow rather than trying to simply grasp and hold it for ourselves, we can leave behind doubt, worry, stress, confusion, jealousy, hate … even fear, especially fear, and begin to revel in the delicious feasts offered by Flow.

While Flow offers plenty of food for thought on the subject, you need not respond to just that book. Indeed, the literatures of spirituality, psychology, philosophy, and ethics as well as fiction and poetry have approached this notion of flow in a thousand different ways. Any of these may underpin your thinking. When it comes to Flow, streams of consciousness might be in order.

2. Best/worst life-changing experience: This is self-explanatory. Someone or something has surprised you, revealed something to you, found you wandering in the dark and shown you some light, or made you feel beautiful. Or ugly. Some life-changing experiences are not happy ones. Maybe you’ve inexplicably survived some catastrophe. Whatever it is, no one knows better than you how you felt and how to express it. Open yourself to that experience and write it down.

3. Adventure thriller (truth or fiction): Write up your Adventure Thriller. Perhaps you or a friend or both found yourselves on a wild ride, or imagine the wild ride you wish you were on or the one you’re glad to have avoided. Thrill us, scare us, engage us, amaze us—just don’t bore us.

4. God/Alien of the World (what would You do?): If you were a god in charge of everything, what would you do to put us on the right trajectory? In the right orbit? What would you do first? Then what? Or imagine yourself an alien being who sees the earth from afar and comes to rule it. Are you benevolent? Why? Or do you bring the earth and its people to your bidding? Or do you destroy the planet because it’s a stain on the galaxy? Have fun with this. Jack in Titanic got to bellow, “I’m the King of the World!” Why not you?

5. Tragedy/Bliss (your story, truth or fiction): Perhaps this is a different perspective on that life-changing experience. Perhaps this is a deeply romantic, intimate secret until now. Or is this a tragedy or state of bliss in which you imagine yourself to be? You might want to write about a historical figure such as Nelson Mandela, who may be seen as moving into tragedy, then later moving out of it and into bliss.

6. Most inspirational person/event (who/what has inspired you?): Again, this is self-explanatory. Again, this could be a different slant on your life-changing experience or your tragedy or bliss. Unless you’ve lived your entire life under a rock (and perhaps even then), someone or something has inspired you to go farther, deeper, higher, faster. A teacher? A vision quest? Write it down and share it with us.

7. Legacies, under 18 (what’s been left to you; what will you leave?): Young people right about now are at once probably hopeful and angry. I would be if I were young again. You’re under 18, smart, curious, perhaps a bit naive. Are you amazed and pleased with all the good things your elders are leaving you? Or are you disgusted with the lot of us? What do you intend or imagine you can leave for the generation to follow?

8. What do women want? and 9. What do men want? Obviously men and women are welcome to write in either category or both (for another entry fee). Do you think you know what they want? Or can you just not figure it out at all? Maybe nothing you do seems right or appreciated. Men and women, they seem like different species. Let out that wonder or frustration, that delight or anger. Send it in and win a prize. That should help.

10. WARP Open Category. This is also intended as an annual category. Anything goes—well, anything acceptable. Maybe you want to write about your pet, your peeves, or your pet peeves.

If you have read this, the 2015 Writing Contest Overview and Rules, and you still have contest-related questions, email admin@warpplace.com with 2015 Contest in the subject line.

N.B. No one affiliated with WARP Place, Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (JAG), Wild Spirit Press (WSP), or Wild Spirit Energies (WSE) is eligible for any contest prizes or for inclusion in any contest-related compilations.
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