Oh, dear. This isn’t good. Another reminder why I avoid reading if I think there will be a movie.

Pulled a can of 100% apple juice with extry (120%) Vitamin C out of the freezer to make me up a bunch of deliciousness. Mine is not an attractive (though serviceable) kitchen, and my glance might have fallen on any number of objects but fell this time on the side of the can that lists ingredients.

What can you put in a can of frozen apple juice? You press some apples for juice, remove some of the water and scrunch it down so it fits in a can, shoot some ascorbic acid in there to have something to advertise, and put a lid on it.

My can must have been left over from a National Geo trip and then sold to the grocery store. I mean, how else could it have “concentrate from China, Argentina, and Hungary”? (Ooh, there’s just a tiny bit of concentrate left here in China, so we gotta go to …)

Jeeze, no wonder it’s so expensive. That’s a pretty long orbit for apples, especially considering the abundant supply right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. I don’t suppose we’re selling apples to China, Argentina, and Hungary, and what we get in return is …

I’m pretty sure apples are as American as mom and apple pie. Or I was. Hooboy, suddenly I don’t feel so well.

Guess I’ll be joining the fight against labeling. I mean, really, who needs the aggravation?