Sacrificial lullaby
Born to a soulless lady.
scar on mankind
the whore of Hades.
She dances as one with the fire.
Dancing round and round,
in her flaming gown,
chanting her desires
as she feasts on angel babies.
Cold as a volcano
buried under ice
shadows in the snow
This infant sacrifice
has been salvaged from the womb
now must meet its doom
To blind the adolescent mother’s eyes.
Mouths of lies consume
the blood of innocence
doused in sweet perfume
they wear her flesh
in a masquerade
of regrets they have
and plans they’ve made
Infant, mother, whore
each within itself
one from the other bore
all the photos on the shelf
she shares them with the fetus
sitting on her lap
the lullaby is sweetest
just before the eternal nap.