Perfection Perception

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Perfection Perception: Roving and Raving in the Andes With the Brothers O. and Joe de Vivre

ISBN: 9780933280083

Perfection Perception, authored by Ashley and another compadre from Headwaters, recounts their journey through the Northern Patagonia climes in search of meaning, words, adventure, fun, and some small portion of self-knowledge. They opine that all is “perfect” if we can but see, and they strive to convince the reader that all befallments have meaning and import in life, and that fun and love are operative. Death is addressed and … totally eschewed, but honored nonetheless.

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  1. Rising Parity

    4 stars: Ashley and Bruce trek South America and journal
    By Rising Parity on July 28, 2008
    Ashley and Bruce aka Joe and o traversing Chile and Argentina…good fun, metaphysical musings and insights…

    All is perfect exactly as it is, all happens for a reason, and the laws of attraction , all addressed 25 years ago…

    Good minds, fun read.

    3 stars: Neat little essay on Life and Perfection
    By Rising Parity on July 28, 2008
    I’m AMAZED this book is available! I always assumed it was self-published.

    Anyway, it’s a gentle early-‘New Age’ reflection on being alive and realizing that everything is, in its own way, perfect. The author is a Vietnam veteran and world traveller who goes hiking (apparently regularly) through the Andes with his brother.

    I’m not going to call it great, but it’s a very pleasant, short read written from a loosely counter-cultural point of view. Wish I knew more about the authors…

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