Coming Attractions

We are just now getting rolling but plan to expand several of our current features and introduce new ones. Here is a summary of what we hope to do in the coming months.

In our Store, members will not only be able to buy digital books; they’ll be able to buy work of other members, including visual art.

Down the road, in Sell Your Book, members will be able to submit their own ebooks for publication (with a 75% author royalty!) and nominate other authors as well. Additionally, we are looking at offering conversion services and further developing author pages, opening up author-member interaction to include podcasts and video chats.

In WARP Play we offer a couple of lighthearted platforms for member interaction that we will be bringing to the Home page. In Storyline we’ve begun a few communal stories, and any member may add to any of them. So join the fun and bring your friends. At some point, we will end one story and begin another, and if some of these turn out wonderfully well, we may publish a compilation.

Also under the Play menu, members can upload videos in our 2-Minute-Video Contests. Members, friends, and visitors can vote for the best ones in each category, so bring your friends from Facebook and other neighborhoods and let’s get this thing off the ground.

If there is sufficient interest, we will turn this into a money-making proposition for the winners–a $10 entry fee will accumulate in a kitty for each category. The winners will split the accumulated fees with WARP Place and be automatically entered in the next contest and take on a new set of challengers.

The other idea would be to make this and photography part of our main contests.

Through Jaguar Ambassadors Gang, we will direct our profits toward serious environmental activism on behalf of Mother Earth, which we will share among members in a transparent way.

In Picture This we present a Gallery where visual artists can display their work and find a new and  larger audience. We will feature a number of artists and accept submissions for inclusion, where artists can submit a portfolio, present information about themselves and their work, and point to their personal website. We look forward to developing this area more fully as we go along.

We plan to create a discussion forum, Openly WARPed, where members can suggest or reply to relevant topics as well as offer suggestions for improving the site. We will also develop a Works in Progress (WIP) area where members can submit unfinished works to the community and receive constructive critiques.

As we go along we will announce new features and new developments to current features, both here and on Facebook .

We welcome your feedback on any and all areas as we develop both the site and what we hope is a steadily growing community.